Bolts (M6-M300) >>

We supply bolts in all materials, surface treatments and designs, in accordance with standards, drawings or samples

Naturally supplied in top quality and with any applicable certification.

HS High Strength bolts

M12-M64 Hot dip galvanised or black steel, in lengths of 30 to 450 mm. In accordance with HS High Strength bolt in acc. To EN 14399-4, Werknorm WN 83120, quality 10.9 and 10. Bolts and nuts are supplied with charge identi- fication. Recommended lubrication of nut.

Turnbuckles/rigging screws

DIN 1478 black steel or galvanised. DIN 1480 black steel or galvanised. Dimensions M6-M80 With or without welding ends

Special bolts/nuts/washers

All types of threading M6-M300 All qualities. Certificate according to customer specification.

Nord-Lock washer system (M3-M130) >>

We offer a unique locking system, securing jointings which are exposed to severe vibrations and dynamic loads.

Flanges (max. Ø 6300 mm) >>

Rings for offshore and wind turbine applications. We supply flanges in hot dip galvanised, tuccosoldered or seamless versions. We also supply flanges machined and bored according to customer specifications.

And all kind of standard flanges acc. To norm.

Heads (max. Ø 7000 mm) >>

Ellipsoidal heads, flat heads, tank heads, tori- spherical heads, hemisphe- rical heads, cones, dishing heads, flared and dished heads, flanged and rever- sed dished heads, oval heads and cleaning and manhole covers.

Larger diametres are supplied in segments. Certificates according to specification. Inspection and draw-down according to agreement.

Offshore pipes >>

Offshore- and structural pipes are supplied in worked-up version in accordance with customer specifications.

  • Wall thickness: 6,0-250 mm (0,250″-10,0″)
  • Diameter       : 406-4.500 mm (16″-180″)

Weldingconstructions >>

High Tech Weldingconstructions (Up till 20T.)